Fàilte! (Welcome!)

Fàilte! (Welcome!)
This blog is the result of my ongoing research into the people, places and events that have shaped the Western Isles of Scotland and, in particular, the 'Siamese-twins' of Harris and Lewis.
My interest stems from the fact that my Grandfather was a Stornowegian and, until about four years ago, that was the sum total of my knowledge, both of him and of the land of his birth.
I cannot guarantee the accuracy of everything that I have written (not least because parts are, perhaps, pioneering) but I have done my best to check for any errors.
My family mainly lived along the shore of the Sound of Harris, from An-t-Ob and Srannda to Roghadal, but one family 'moved' to Direcleit in the Baighs...

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Seafarers from Harris

Each of these Masters, Mates, Seamen and Sailors was born in Harris.

Here we find them having put down permanent roots elsewhere, in lodgings and on a variety of vessels:

Alexander Ross, 62, Seaman, Head, Upper Sandwick, Stornoway
Angus MacQueen, 30, Seaman, Stornoway.

John Campbell, 50, Seaman Merchant Service, 57 Main Road, Sandwick, Stornoway
John Campbell, 32, Seaman Merchant Service, 8 Cromwell Street, Stornoway

Donald Macdonald, 24, Seaman Merchant Service, 69 Main Road, Sandwick, Stornoway

Kenneth Macdonald, 66, Sailor Merchant Service, 9 North Beach Street, Stornoway

William MacQueen, 47, Master, 'Mary Ann Machlachlan', Vessels, Stornoway
Alex Macrae, 42, Seaman, 'Mary Ann Machlachlan', Vessels, Stornoway
John Martin, 30, Seaman
John Martin, 18, Seaman

Kenneth Macaskill, 30, Seaman, 'Christina', Vessels, North Uist

John Campbell, 40, Seaman, Havelock Lane, Stornoway

Alexander Morrison, 47, Seaman, 27 Keith Street, Stornoway
Alexander Macleod, 30, Seaman,

William MacQueen, 55, Master, 'Mary Ann Machlachlan', Vessels, Stornoway
John MacQueen, 21, Able Seaman, 'Mary Ann Machlachlan', Vessels, Stornoway

John Campbell, 27, Master, 'Euphemia Campbell', Vessels, Drainie, Moray
Ewan Campbell, 25, Mate, 'Euphemia Campbell', Vessels, Drainie, Moray
Neil Kerr, 21, Able Seaman, 'Euphemia Campbell', Vessels, Drainie, Moray

John Campbell, 27, Master, 'Cavalier', Vessels, Drainie, Moray
Roderick Mackinnon, 20, Able Seaman, 'Cavalier', Vessels, Drainie, Moray

Donald Macaulay, 42, Seaman, 'Queen of the South', Vessels, Greenock

Donald Maclennan, 22, Able Seaman, Vessels, Gretna

Kenneth Campbell, 32, Seaman, 5 Keith Street, Stornoway

Malcolm Kerr, 58, Seaman, Stornoway

Thomas Miller, 60, Seaman, New Holme Road, Stornoway

John Campbell, 39, Seaman, Spy's Road, Row, Dumbartonshire

Donald Macleod, 37, Seaman, 112 Dempster Street, Greenock West

John Ferguson, 33, Sailor, Solitote, Kilmuir, Inverness

Sandy Mcleod, 37, Mate, 'Parratto', Portree Harbour, Skye

Kenneth Macleod, 26, Master, 'Pearl', Aberdeen Harbour, Aberdeen

Malcolm Kerr, 68, Seaman, 37 Bayhead Street, Stornoway
Norman Macleod, 35, Seaman, 18 Keith Street, Stornoway
Alexander Morrison, 65, Seaman, Keith Street, Stornoway

John MacQueen, 57, Seaman (Unemployed), 7 Keith Street, Stornoway

John Macleod, 30, Seaman (Unemployed), 5 Lowers Sandwick Road, Stornoway

Hugh Macleod, 57, Seaman, 10 Links Street, Aberdeen

Murdoch Morrison, 20, Sailor, 11 James Watt Street, Glasgow

Alexander Macdonald, 24, Able Seaman, 20 Brown Street, Glasgow
Norman Macleod, 23, Seaman

John Macinnes, 26, Seaman, 47 Crawford Street, Greenock
Ewan Macleod, 30, Seaman
Roderick Robertson, 21, Seaman

Donald Macleod, 45, Seaman, West Shaw Street, Grennock West

Daniel Maclennan, 41, Seaman Merchant Service, 467 Govan Road, Govan

Robert Macdonald, 32, 3rd Mate, 'State of Georgia', Vessels, Plantation, Lanarkshire
John Cunningham, 27 Able Seaman, 'State of Georgia', Vessels, Plantation, Lanarkshire

Hugh Macaulay, 25, Able Seaman, 'Catherine and Mary', Vessels, Cumlodden, Argyll

John Macleod, 61, Able Seaman, 'Cornelia', Vessels, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire

John Macleod, 18, Able Seaman, 'Rona', Vessels, Anderston, Lanarkshire

Kenneth Macleod, 35, Master, 'Welcome Home', Leith North, Midlothian

John Macleod, 41, Seaman and Royal Naval Reserve, 5 Lower Sandwick Street, Stornoway

Donald Macdonald, 27, Sailor, Kipper Road, Stornoway

Donald Campbell, 42, Able Seaman, The James Watt Street Home, Blythswood, Glasgow

John Mackenzie, 31, Seaman Home Trade, 90 Jamieson Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow Govan

Murdo Morrison, 35, Able Seaman, 106 West Street, Tradeston, Glagow Govan

Donald Macdonald, 25, Sailor (Sailing Vessel), 127 Blackburn Street, Govan
Roderick Macdonald, 21, Sailor (Sailing Vessel), 127 Blackburn Street, Govan
Alexander Macleod, 31, Sailor (Sailing Vessel), 127 Blackburn Street, Govan

Malcolm Mackenzie, 26, Seaman, Pointhouse Restaurant, Anderston, Glasgow Kelvinside
William Macleod, 51, Seaman
Kenneth Patterson, 25, Seaman

Angus Macleod, 35, Sailor, 93a Main Street, Anderston, Glasgow

Donald J McKillop, 22, Seaman Merchant Navy, 70 Maclean Street, Govan, Lanarkshire

Kenneth Macaskill, 33, Sailor, 174 Cowcaddens Street, Glasgow Milton

Aulay Macleod, 27, Seaman, 26 Wellington Street, Greenock West, Renfrewshire

Angus Macleod, 26, Merchant Seaman, 6 Chapel Street, Greenock West, Renfrewshire
Donald Macleod, 22, Merchant Seaman

Hugh Campbell, 26, Able Seaman, 'SS Lochiel', Lying at Dunvegan Pier, Duirinish, Inverness

William Macdonald, 45, Able Seaman, 'James Hall' Burghead Harbour, Moray (b. Obe!)

Roderick Macdonald, 41, Master, 'Rona', off Sandbank Holy Loch, Dunoon, Argyll

John Macaskill, 32, Able Seaman, 'Tuscorora', off Sandbank Holy Loch, Dunoon, Argyll

Donald Maclean, 29, Able Seaman, 'Aster', off Sandbank Holy Loch, Dunoon, Argyll

Kenneth Macaulay, 35, Able Seaman, 'Dunara Castle', Port Tarbert, Harris
Neil Mackenzie, 23, Able Seaman

Robert Macaulay, 23, Seaman, 'Gleniffer', James Watt Dock, Greenock East, Renfrewshire

Alex Cunningham, 56, Master, 'Jane', East India Harbour, Greenock East, Renfrewshire
John Cunningham, 26, Mate, 'Jane', East India Harbour, Greenock East, Renfrewshire
Angus Macleod, 27, Able Seaman, 'Jane', East India Harbour, Greenock East, Renfrewshire

Finlay McDermid, 22, Able Seaman, 'Glen Rosa', Lamlash Pier, Kilbride, Bute

John Macdonald, 22, Able Seaman, 'Inchmurren', Vessels, Kilmartin, Argyll

Dugald Macaskill, 42, Seaman, 'Hesperus', South Pier Oban, Argyll

Murdoch Munroe, 26, A B Sailor, Passenger, 'Lingal', Victoria Dock Leith, Midlothian

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